For over 25 years, Hydro Tek has built our reputation by providing you with the most innovative, dependable power washer possible. Our purpose is to help more people experience the satisfaction of making their environment a cleaner place with less work by using power washing equipment.

Hydrotek Systems Inc. has been manufacturing high quality cold, hot and steam pressure washers since 1985. We design and engineer our pressure washers and cleaning equipment with high grade, top-quality components increasing reliability and performance producing a system that "Cleans Fast and Outlasts". Our innovative pressure washers, recycle systems and cleaning equipment is the most reliable on the market and the chosen equipment by industry professionals like Industrial, Commercial and Contract Cleaners, Heavy Construction, Fleet Maintenance, Agricultural and Government agencies. WE HAVE A FULL LINE OF PRESSURE WASHERS AVAILABLE. IF THERE IS SOMETHING SPECIFIC YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AND DO NOT SEE CALL THE OFFICE FOR ASSISTANCE.
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