Stainless Steel Quick-Connects




  • Stainless steel construction
  • 7500 PSI with stainless steel socket
  • For use on hoses, guns, pump heads, and unloaders.
  • Extended Durability



Stainless steel quick-connects are an excellent upgrade from brass and zinc. these add corrosion resistance as well as overall better durability compared to their brass counterparts. They are available in 1/4″ and 3/8″ for most of your pressure washer’s requirements.

If you are replacing your quick connects due to pitting earlier than you think you should be, it may be the metal construction that is the problem. Brass is a softer metal than stainless and that could be the cause of your fittings failing sooner than you would like them to.

Due to their corrosion resistance, if you are down-streaming these quick connectors are a MUST HAVE. If you are using brass or zinc fittings for your down-streaming setup we recommend switching to stainless steel quick-connects as soon as they fail.

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1/4"MPT Socket, 1/4"FPT Socket, 3/8"MPT Socket, 3/8"FPT Socket, 1/4"MPT Plug, 1/4"FPT Plug, 3/8"MPT Plug, 3/8"FPT Plug


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