ST-73 Foamer



  • The chemical injector is stainless steel and corrosive resistant
  • 5 position metering valve for a chemical draw
  • Easy to fill wide-mouth bottles with fill markings
  • An integrated injector (no additional injector required)
  • 32oz solution bottle
  • 1/4″ FPT


The ST-73 Foamer is convenient and portable for a more effective foam cleaning for industry, agriculture, automotive/fleet, and institutional applications.

The ST-73 foamer from Suttner is an excellent foamer nozzle to wash equipment, fleets, your own vehicle, and more! One great benefit this foam cannon boasts is the ability to change the draw of soap. The nozzle has a twist portion that regulates the draw and it is according to the following chart:

Concentration rates –

  • Position 1    2-2.5%
  • Position 2    4-4.5%
  • Position 3    5-5.5%
  • Position 4    6.5-7%
  • Position 5    7.5-8%

This makes using concentrated chemicals even easier to help you save time on the job site with chemical concentrates!

Most applications to use this foamer will require the 1/4 plug MPT(Male Pipe Thread) quick connect.

Quick connect Not included, we recommend stainless steel quick connects to reduce corrosion.

Additional information

Weight0.92 lbs
Dimensions10.5 × 10.75 × 3.75 in


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