Chlorine Neutralizer Super-Concentrate

100% Biodegradable

Bleach Neutralizer for Plants


Splash is a super concentrated chlorine neutralizer.

In a concentrated form, it has a blue-green color, but due to dilution rates, it appears colorless and odorless.

The dilution ratio is 4oz per 5 Gallons

Pairs well with odor rid to give it a nice citrus scent.


This neutralizer is excellent for neutralizing chlorine in pumps, hoses, guns, and other equipment. It is also excellent for neutralizing chlorine on windows, plants, or other vegetation.

Splash chlorine neutralizer is excellent for the following applications :

  • Chlorine neutralizer for pumps, hoses, and guns.
  • Chlorine neutralizer for plants.
  • Chlorine neutralizer for houses and windows.

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