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Quick change nozzles incorporate a quick disconnect plug into the design. A color-coded protective nozzle guard identifies the nozzle and helps protect the nozzle and the surface being sprayed from damaging contact.

Quick change nozzles save time in the selection nozzle usage. Even from a distance the user knows which nozzle to select: (Red) 0 solid stream, (Yellow) 15, (Green) 25, and (White) 40. Low-pressure nozzles are (Black) for downstream injection.

spray pattern alignment is quick and easy. The nozzle guards include locating ribs. For fast spray alignment during installation, the operator can feel the locating ribs. At startup, a quick glance at the nozzle indicates spray pattern direction.

The guard protects the nozzle and the surface from damaging accidental contact. During nozzle installation and removal, the guard provides a positive grip surface, even when wet. Thermal insulation is also a plus when used with hot water cleaning equipment. For longer life and accuracy, the nozzles are constructed of specially hardened stainless steel.

The quick disconnect plugs are compatible with most quick connects on the market capable of being used up to 4000 PSI.

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