Roof And House Wash


A concentrated surfactant with a lemon scent for chlorine odor blocking. This soap helps your chlorine stick to a variety of surfaces to ensure proper surface cleaning. The sheening agent helps make rinsing faster and helps with keeping spots and streaks off of windows.


House & Roof Wash is a revolutionary new product formulated for the house and roof washing professional. This product is added to your sodium hypochlorite solution to prolong its effect while allowing concentrations of bleach to be cut in half. Roof and House Wash can also be used alone without bleach to clean surfaces to remove dirt, debris, and other environmental stains. There is a patented deodorizer package built into the product that will help mask the scent of traditional bleach and non-bleach solutions. This house soap is a great replacement for regular soap added to your SH as it is specially formulated and designed to work with SH. 


  • House Washing
  • Deodorizer/Scent Blocker
  • Chlorine soap mixtures

Application Methods

  • M-Jet/X-Jet
  • Downstream
  • Soft Washing 
Is this a pre-mix of SH and soap?

This is just a concentrated surfactant, or soap to add to your Chlorine solution. 

Does this replace the need for chlorine to wash a house?

This soap should not be used as a chlorine replacement to clean houses professionally. This soap can however be used on its own to remove light dirt and soiled areas. 

How much House and Roof wash do I add?

X-jet - 1-2 oz per gallon of total batch

Downstream - 1-2oz per gallon of total batch

Blending/Mixing manifold - 1-2.5 on the dial dependent upon wash surface3

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