Pressure Washer Pump Oil


10W-30 non-detergent high pressure pump lubricant.

Features and Advantages

  • – Anti-scuff, wear, foaming, oxidation, and emulsification.
  • – High viscosity index for high and low temperature
  • – Exceeds wear requirements of major pump manufacturers.
  • – Compatible with typically used seals.


One US quart / 32 fluid ounces

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Our Pressure Washer Pump Oil is red in color to spot issues in the pump. When you are getting water behind the oil seals of your pump, our oil will turn a milky pink color. This helps you easily detect issues with your pump to ensure timely maintenance or repairs. We recommend changing the pump oil at least once a year dependent on usage, always follow your pump manufacturer’s recommendations. We recommend also changing your engine oil while you are changing your Pressure Washer Pump Oil. Most pumps require one quart of pump oil or less, always remember to properly fill your pump with oil. Most pumps have a sight-glass on the side of them with a dot in the center. The dot is the fill line for most pumps, always to remember to consult your machine or pump manual to make sure you are properly maintaining your machine.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions3.4 × 3.4 × 9 in


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