Pressure Washer Engine Oil


Pressure Washer Engine Oil from AMSOIL

SAE 10W-30 100% Full Synthetic Small-Engine Oil

Commercial Grade

1 U.S. Quart

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Pressure Washer Engine Oil with Commercial-Grade Protection – This tough formulation protects against wear, heat, and carbon deposits, and outperforms conventional oils. Helps maintain power and promotes long engine life. Specifically designed for maximum equipment dependability.

The two most common times to have to change Pressure Washer Pump Oil are after the first 50 hours of operation of the machine and during your slow season or off season. Being from the Northeast, we experience a few months of the year usually when most companies slow down or stop work entirely. We recommend all businesses use this time to go over their equipment and maintain it before the season starts again. This way you go into the busiest time of your year confident that your machine is ready to make you money again.

When changing your Pressure Washer Engine Oil, remember that your pump does not use the same oil. The pump oil for pressure washers can be found here.

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