Lustra Features :

  • Cost-effective concentrated soap
  • Dilution rates up to 20:1
  • Leaves no film
  • Safe on all painted surfaces
  • Will not damage glass
  • Safe to use on all polished metals
  • Excellent choice for fleet wash applications


Lustra is a liquid deep penetrating one-step detergent that will remove heavy dirt and road film from painted and aluminum surfaces. This fleet wash will promote oxidation removal while leaving a sheen on the vehicle’s surface. This soap is ideal for truck wash operators who are looking for a product that is both heavy-duty and will not in any way harm polished aluminum.

Lustra is formulated especially for touchless systems, allowing for easy rinsing and quick turnover time of vehicles. This is an excellent choice for all exterior fleet washing or truck washing because it leaves behind a bright, spot-free surface. For washing engine bays we recommend Formula FS.

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