High Pressure Ball Valve


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DN10 Ball Valve

The DN10 ball valve is the standard high pressure ball valve of the pressure washing industry. The ball valve is adjustable to an extent by adjusting the tightness of the nut under the silver plate on the top of the DN10 twist handle. These ball valves are most commonly paired with quick connects to easily change the hose they’re. The other part they are commonly paired with is the 3/8″ Mosmatic Live Swivel. This is commonly used behind the DN10 on the hose side to reduce instances of “fighting the hose”. 

Unfortunately we do not carry any rebuild kits for the DN10 Ball Valve. 

This, although annoying, Dows not hurt the integrity of your DN10. You can continue to use this ball valve and can easily access the adjustment nut. 

If your DN10 handle nut keeps working its way off, we recommend putting red or blue loctite on the threads and set the ball valve to your preference. 

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