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Formula FS is a  fortified heavy-duty 10% butyl-based spray cleaner for the removal of heavy grease and oils from surfaces. Penetrates deep into surfaces from painted walls to masonry, brick, ceramic tile, and stainless steel to remove stains. Contains no acids, petroleum hydrocarbons, or amines. This product is great to use on equipment, concrete, and surfaces where mechanical grease is a problem. Emulsifies immediately for quick and easy removal.

Butyl-based degreasers are excellent for attacking petrol-based greases for fast removal. That is why Formula Fs is our best degreaser for cleaning engines and heavy equipment. Whenever you’re cleaning engines bays and equipment, you must make sure that the degreaser you’re using is strong enough to break down that grease so you can hit it with low pressure. This process helps clean engine bays and equipment faster due to the excess greasy falling to the ground rather than being blown onto the other side of the equipment.

Industrial Degreaser

Formula FS is an industrial degreaser concentrate designed to cut through tough grease buildup fast. Paired with hot water, this degreaser makes cleaning heavy equipment, oil stains, and it is our best engine degreaser. 

Sprayer Cleanout Degreaser

Formula Fs makes cleaning out sprayers for paver sealers a breeze! Diluting at 10:1 this product will keep your sprayers working well for a long time! After running the degreaser through, spray .25-.5 gallons of water through the system and it is safe to store for as long as you need! We used this product on Seal N Lock Super Wet and Seal N Lock Natural Luster

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1 review for Formula FS

  1. Donnie

    Wow. This product did way better than expected. Almost 100% on a 2 week old motor oil stain in the driveway

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