F9 Calcium and Efflorescence Remover



  • Quickly removes Ellforescence, calcium, calcium carbonate, calcium buildup, and hard water stains
  • Works better than full strength muriatic acid with less harmful effects
  • Does not burn intact skin!
  • Available online in 1-gallon containers, call for 5-gallon buckets and larger sizes!


F9 Calcium and Efflorescence Remover

F9 Efflo is an excellent choice to clean efflorescence and calcium buildup off of concrete and masonry surfaces. Stronger concentrations can be used to etch concrete for paint or coating prep. Lower concentrations can be used as a general concrete and masonry cleaner.


ALWAYS add acid to water, NEVER add water to acid!

Pre-cleaning – If necessary pressure wash the surface to remove surface dirt and debris. If there is oil on the surface, use a degreaser to remove as much of the oil as possible before treating the surface with F9 Efflo.

Dilutions Ratios (ALWAYS water to F9 Efflorescence and Calcium Remover)

For all masonry surfaces.(Concrete, brick, pavers, grout, mortar, and other surfaces)

  • Thick Calcium Stains and Concrete Prep for Coatings: 1:1 up to 4:1
  • Medium Calcium Stains: 4:1 up to 8:1
  • Light Calcium Stains: 8:1 to 12:1
  • Powdery Efflorescence Cleaning 12:1
  • General Cleaning 8:1

We recommend using a pump sprayer as an applicator and to agitate the surface with a brush. You want the surface to be damp with the F9 Efflo but not puddling. DO NOT let the product dry on any surface! ALWAYS do a test spot in an inconspicuous area.

For more detailed instructions on how to use F9 Efflorescence and Calcium remover, we recommend checking out the F9 cookbook for all of its detailed guides on how to use the products in the F9 family!

Additional information

Weight9 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 11.75 in


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