Bulk Chlorine Delivery Available

Bulk Chlorine Delivery

Bulk Chlorine Pickup

With bulk tanks at our facility, we are able to price our chlorine competitively without compromising the quality of our product. Our chlorine is available in bulk fill at our facility as well as 55-gallon drums and 5-gallon carboys You CAN NOT mix chlorine with any solution that is acidic, even as weak as vinegar. Making sure that there is no solution in the container will ensure that there will not be a chemical reaction. A clean container should also ensure that the chlorine will not be neutralized by anything(it can be neutralized by a single penny!)

If you like to batch mix your solution a day or days before, we recommend pairing your chlorine with our chlorine stable surfactant Roof and House Wash

We DO NOT fill 5-gallon buckets, we will only exchange Buckmans branded 5-gallon carboys. 

Bulk Chlorine(Sodium Hypochlorite) Delivery

Located in Easton Pennsylvania, we deliver bulk chlorine, pressure washer parts, and detergents in a 75-mile radius from us. If you’re unsure if we will deliver to you, fill out the form below and we will reach out to you as soon as possible! With multiple truck options for delivery, we have you covered. You can receive chlorine delivery with parts, service, machines, and more! Unfortunately, we do not deliver chlorine in 5-gallon carboys, those are available for in-shop pickup.  Our bulk delivery option is for bulk storage tanks so you can fill your truck without leaving your shop. You don’t just get chlorine delivered, you also get :