V-Seal 102 1 gallon container

V-Seal 102
V-Seal 102 Concrete Sealer is a penetrating sealer designed for use on both new and existing broom finish concrete and rough surface masonry. V-Seal 102 Concrete Sealer is a great driveway sealant that will provide a number of imperative benefits.

Increases surface strength
Repels moisture
Repels salt
Repels oil

Recommended Uses & Applications for V-Seal 102 Concrete Sealer

On existing concrete or new construction
concrete driveway sealant
concrete sidewalk sealant
concrete basement walls and floors for basement waterproofing
to protect against mold and mildew
protect against radon gas
pre-cast concrete and tilt-up walls
concrete pavers and decorative block
concrete pool decking
stucco and gunite
split face block, or brick retaining walls
also a cement sealant for most cementitious products such as architectural concrete, landscaping concrete, statuary items, concrete countertops, and concrete roof tiles

V-Seal 102 Concrete Sealer and Driveway Sealant can be used in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

One step application, fast dry, no smell, no shine
Safe for indoor use
EPA, FDA, OSHA compliant
Waterborne and User Friendly
Permanent Chemical Linking
DPS - A Deep Penetrating Sealer, improving overall strength
2% Vapor Transmission Rate, superb for freeze / thaw climates
Excellent test data, ASTM 309 & 1315
As the cure on newly interior and decorative concrete use

Vigorous testing and a growing track record continue to support the outstanding performance of V-SEAL 102 Concrete Sealer and Driveway Sealant.

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