X-100 NS Deck Stain

X-100 NS Deck Stain
X-100 Natural Seal Deck Stain is the terrific all-around wood deck protection product. Not only will X-100 Natural Seal Deck Stain enhance the color and texture of your wood deck, but its transparent technology will allow the wood grain to show through, providing a natural-looking finish.

X-100 Natural Seal Deck Stain is a terrific product for new and old decks, from those made from pressure-treated lumber to those made from hardwood decking lumber such as redwood or cedar.

Because of its penetrating formula, X-100 Natural Seal Deck Stain is recommended even for decks whose surfaces have weathered, opening the grain. X-100 Natural Seal Deck Stain is available in ultra-transparent and many semi-transparent tinted formulas.

X-100 Natural Seal Deck Stain Features and Benefits

Easy to apply with sprayer or long-handled staining pad
Repels moisture, and prevents warping and cupping
Provides UV protection
Comes in an array of colors to complement your home’s exterior
Fast-drying formula: the second coat can be applied in as little as thirty minutes
Minimal evaporation allows for maximum penetration and colorfastness
Five-year deck protection for new decks, use as 2-year maintenance for older decks
Easy clean-up with mineral spirits or dish detergent & water
Packaged in convenient 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers

Coverage information: 200-400 sq. ft/ gallon, depending on condition of wood.

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