Cleaning Crew MODEL 4232

Cleaning Crew
CALL SHOP FOR PRICES ON OTHER ALKOTA MODELS. PRICING SHOWN IS SPECIFICLY FOR THE CLEANING CREW SERIES MODEL 4232 3.7 GPM / 2300 PSI SERIES ONLY. SHIPPING INCLUDED. These hot high pressure washers are compact, efficient diesel oil fired units that can easily be moved to the job site. Portability makes them ideal for farms, service stations, repair shops, or rental fleets. With this portability you do not sacrifice quality or performance.

These units are available in an Xtreme version, designed and built for those who demand the highest performance. The Cleaning Crew Xtreme Series combines the best in engineering, quality materials, and uncompromising craftsmanship to create a pressure washer that takes every standard in the industry and blasts it out of the water.


Oil Fired
2 pneumatic wheels
Belt driven tri-plex pump
High-efficiency electric motor
Non-corrosive float tank
High-pressure detergent application
Trigger gun
Schedule 80 coil on units 2300 PSI and higher

X-treme Features

Schedule 80 coil
Schedule 80 coil
Fuel solenoid
High-limit temperature control
Black color
CSA certified units available

Cold Water Wrap - Since our coil actually forms the combustion chamber, there are no hot chambers or troublesome insulation. When incoming cold water flows through the cold wrap, it picks up heat as the coil forms the wall. The water is preheated 40o to 80o prior to the heating portion of the coil. This provides greater fuel efficiency, less fuel used and less operating cost for you.

Pump - Our high quality pumps are engineered with crankshafts and rod assemblies that run in oil for quieter operation and feature large aluminum die-cast oil-bath crankcases, ceramic plungers with double pressure seals and check valves with stainless steel seats. The belt drive reduces vibration.

Control Panel - Alkota designs our control panels with operator convenience as our first concern. The high quality rotary switch provides positive on-off positions for both pump and burner. The chemical metering valve provides precise metered chemical and a positive on-off control. Optional items such as hour meters and gauges are also placed on the control panel.

Fuel Filter - The replaceable fuel filter with a clear container lets you see water or dirt. The bottom drain on the filter quickly disposes of water or dirt contaminants.

Vacuum Switch - The Ultimate balance of power, efficiency and corrosion resistance in this uniquely designed Hydro Tek schedule 80 coil. Rugged construction suitable for ‘over the road use’ works in harmony with the double wall stainless steel, ceramic insulated housing. Virtually indestructible construction and industry leading performance-years of uninterrupted, worry free service.

Steel Float Tank - A float tank resists corrosion to last for years.

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